We've perfected "Mobile Media"!
Isn't it time you bought a better billboard?

Roadmark has invested over a decade of diligence researching, locating and scrutinizing large size vehicles that serve ideally for use as mobile advertising displays.

Every vehicle in our portfolio has met very simple criteria: They all operate during daytime hours in populated local markets with accountable circulation. They run circles around those more expensive stationary billboards you buy, exposing many more people than stationary panels... with mobility, size and motion (you know, that thing that draws everyone's attention to "something") !

Trucks in our portfolio (outfitted with your mural graphics) run through Any Town, U.S.A. They deliver bold, impactive information about your business, products or services... for less expense than any other major media.

Isn't it time you bought a better billboard?

Seeing... Is Believing!

This is what you get with a billboard ... about $2000 ea. per month
This is what you get with a dedicated local route truck ... about $800 ea. per month
Statistically; one local dedicated truck display will reach approximately 3 X more people at about 1/3 the expense of a typical stationary billboard. Roadmark delivers... Value!

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