Store Distribution Mobile Media Program
Filene's - Saturating All of New England, Eastern N.Y. & PA
Kaufmann's - Saturating Ohio, Western N.Y.& P.A. (incl. Northern W. VA)

Filene's & Kaufmann's (both May Companies) are two of America's leading consumer merchandise retailers. Filene's operates over 200 distribution trailers serving 62 stores located throughout New England, N.Y. and P.A. Kaufmann's operates 191 distribution trailers serving 47 stores throughout Ohio, P.A., N.Y. and W. VA.

Outfitted with truckside advertising (combined or separately), these two distribution trailer truck fleets offer outdoor advertisers extraordinary VALUE with very accurate, HIGH PROFILE circulation as mobile advertising displays (in their respective markets).

To keep their large number of stores steadily supplied with merchandise, these trailers are in constant 24/7 circulation traveling congested arteries between (to-and-from) their distribution centers and retail outlets (all of which are located in major shopping malls in high traffic, populated urban centers).

Their entire fleet (both Filene's & Kaufmann's) are outfitted with standard sized 8' x 20' framed graphic surfaces for advertisers to lease as mobile advertising displays (mobile billboards). Because of the mileage and area of circulation these trailers travel, each trailer display is statistically rated (by T.A.B. standards) to generate 18 to 24 million consumer impressions per year (nearly 2,000,000 impressions ea. / per mo.).

Space Rental Rates-     *by the mo. (3 mo. minimum, production not included)
Driver's Side:     $1200/mo.
Passenger's Side     $1000/mo.
*Discounts granted for long term or quantity buys.
Production- Specifications & Cost (including installation)
8' x 20' soft vinyl flex-frame graphics (any design)
Estimated:   $1800 per unit, first posting
    $1200 per unit, repeat postings
Must use recommended or qualified production sources.

VIEW CIRCULATION MAPS (Filene's / Kaufmann's)

Kaufmann's Fleet Saturation Area & Store Locations

Filene's Fleet Saturation Area & Store Locations

Select routes and prefered circulation (within each distribution region) is feasible. Inquire.

Filene's & Kaufmann's trailer displays offer advertisers an inexpensive, reliable way to target (saturate) their outdoor advertising by city, state or region.