Miscellaneous Advertising

High Profile Trucks in NYC

Roadmark announces the availability of 170 wholesale grocer trailer trucks making daily deliveries to grocery stores and supermarkets in all the Boroughs of NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, upper NYC and western sections of Long Island). This fleet of trailer trucks is dedicated (by special permit) to operate daily routes throughout metropolitan NYC and provies advertisers an extraordinary opportunity to reach their audience on the streets of America's most populated city with full trailer size "mobile billboards."

Click the icon below to view a map of where these trailers make daily load deliveries.

New Technology : Roll-Tite Flexible Fabrics Trailer Graphic Program

Roadmark announces Roll-Tite trailer advertising on 3000 trailer trucks (nationally)... and growing! Roll-Tite trailer trucks are available for advertising clients to use in specific local or regionalized outdoor market campaigns. These trailer graphics are a new and innovative way to promote mural messages.... and Roll-Tite trucks travel in populated areas with accountable, high profile circulation. For more info about these advertising displays and available locations, contact Roadmark.


Cape Cod Bus Advertising

60 Buses, Cape-Wide; Year-round

The Only Outdoor Advertising on Cape Cod.

21" X 70" Street Side $150.00 ea./mo.

21 " X 70" Curb Side $125.00 ea./mo.

21" X 44" Street Side Rear $100.00 ea./mo.

* All signs are p.s. vinyl; production not included. Discounts available for long term or quantity buys.

Cape Cod Summer Trolleys

9 Trolleys - June through Labor Day

Hyannis, Falmouth/Woods Hole, Yarmouth, Dennis & Mashpee routes.

21" X 44" Curb, Street, Rear.

$500.00 per season (one trolley)
$400.00 ea. per season (more than one)

* PS. Vinyl or plastic signs; production not included. Discounts available for long term or quantity buys.

Phoenix Yellow Cab Taxi Advertising
(Taxi Tops & Advertising Wheel Covers)

100 Yellow Cabs operate in Phoenix, 50 taxis operate in Tucson. All are outfitted with non-illuminated triangular taxi top signs (two panels facing forward, left and right and one panel facing rear).

Front facing advertising signs (left and right forward facing panels) are contracted in sets (two per taxi). The rear facing signs are contracted separately (or in addition with the front panels in a "combo rate option"). Advertising wheel covers are contracted in sets (four to a taxi). All print production is quoted and billed separately by recommended sources.

Front View Back View
Program Unit Cost 3 Mo 6 Mo 12 Mo
Front Facing Taxi Top Panels (per taxi) $175 $160 $150
Rear Facing Taxi Top Panels (per taxi) $125 $110 $100
Combo (Front & Rear Panels) (per taxi) $250 $225 $200

Minimum buy is 10 vehicles. Less than "3 month" campaigns are allowed at premium rate. Rates are discounted for quantity or long term buys.
Clients may contract any "roof top" configurations, as follows; Two (2) front taxi top panels per cab (only), One (1) rear taxi top panel per cab (only) OR all Three (3) taxi top panels per cab (for exclusivity on roof top space).

It is "possible" that as many as three (3) advertisers "may share" available advertising space on one vehicle. Exclusivity of a vehicle is only possible if you contract ALL signage (as a package program).

Sign Printing: (roof top panels)
Roof top signs are 12" x 42", printed on .030 styrene plastic.

Signs must be provided to these spec's (preferrably from our recommended sources) and will be quoted (upon request) separately from advertising "space" rates. Printing prices vary depending on "number of colors" printed and "quantity" ordered.

Printing charges are billed by terms set forth by "the printer". Advertising "space rates" are "billed by-the-month", NET 30 days.

Roof Top Signs : Printed 11"H x 42"W on .030 styrene plastic (not including art or films)
  1 color 2 colors 3 colors 4 colors 4 c/p
20 $10/ea $15/ea $20/ea $24/ea $28/ea
50 $6/ea $9/ea $12/ea $14/ea $24/ea
100 $4/ea $8/ea $9/ea $10/ea $22/ea.
200 $3/ea $5/ea $6/ea $8/ea $20/ea.

Public Transportation

VPSI Commuter Vans

Roadmark manages sign placement and wrap-around graphic advertising on VPSI Commuter Ride-Share Vans, nationally.

VPSI operates in most major cities in the U.S. . Ride-share vans are designated to individuals to use for group ride-share commuting and are in daily metropolitan circulation to-and-from work each day, viewed by thousands of people during morning and afternoon peak drive-times.

Rates range from $400/mo. to 250/mo., per vehicle, depending on graphic design, quantity of vehicles contracted and lenght of campaigns. 2400 vans are available in top-ranked cities. For more information, please inquire.

Roadrunner Shuttle Roof Top & Video Advertising (Los Angeles)

  145 Roadrunner Airport Shuttle vans are available with full length, back-lighted roof-top advertising displays (much like taxi top units, but longer) AND each van is outfitted with inside video monitors for advertisers to present riders with video commercials. Use either/or roof top and/or in-van video to reach your prefered audience in Greater L.A. Contact Roadmark for program details.

150 Handicap Response Vans

150 vans operate in Greater Metropolitan New York City . Vans operate 5 days a week, daytime hours. Various sign spaces available. Rates negotiable.


Novelty Vehicles / Products

Advertising Wheel Covers !
Our Ad Caps fit ANY SIZE WHEELS (golf carts, cars, buses, trucks... even heavy equipment)!


Ad Caps for golf carts

Ad Caps for Buses & Trucks

  • Generate advertising revenue with the worlds first and only wheel ads that remain level to the road while the vehicle is in motion.

  • Promote logos and messages to millions of people every month with this one-of-a-kind new Advertising Wheel Cover. . . AD CAPS !

  • Buy them for your fleet of vehicles and create your own income generating advertising program. Rent the advertising space to advertising clients and recover the cost of the Ad Caps in only a few months. Everything after that is clear profit ! . . ..OR use them to promote your own business, products or services and startle the public with our unique new technology.

    Install AD CAPS and let Roadmark sell advertising to national advertisers ! We will manage your advertising program as a turn-key service and pay you 50% of advertising revenue we collect each month. No hassle, no bother. Make back your initial investment and much more ! Join the Roadmark Network and we'll sell and manage your advertising program with hundreds of other fleets of vehicles. . . worldwide. You collect the income!

    Unit Cost $75.00 ea. ($300.00 set of Four ) *(bulk min.order terms apply)

For more information or to place your order;
Fill out our online contact form or
Roadmark, Inc.
801 Beacon Pk.
Webster, MA 01570

People Mover Trolley Train Shuttles

These trolley trains are available (c/o Roadmark, Inc) for long term lease... most often used by cities, resort venues, entertainment facilities and other applications that require (or want) to provide novelty "short-distance" public transportation.

These trolley trains are presently in operation in various high profile locations around the U.S. (inquire, as our inventory changes and grows). 30 x 144" "king size" bus advertising panels are available (on average $400 ea. per month). Contact Roadmark for details on lease or advertising opportunities.

Other Programs

Bus Wraps in Metro NYC

Roadmark offers bus wrap opportunities on various size and style buses operated by Allied Transportation in Metro NYC. These buses operate on various fixed routes in the five (5) boroughs of NYC during daytime hours, 5 days a week. They are also used for local charter service on weekends. Rates are customized to each clients use, needs and objectives (inquire).  


National Association of RV Owners

Place your company or product advertising on privately owned RV's, nationwide or regionally. 16" x 42" signs spaces are available on drivers side, passengers side and/or rear of thousands of RV's owned and driven year-round by responsible retirees. Call for rates, terms and conditions. Click here for more information.

Coin Operated Air Pump Machines

We have recently been retained to sell ads on coin operated air pump machines all over the US (over 67,000 locations). Ads are 12" X 18" in frames on top of the air pump units, sold quarterly, semi annually or annually (about $25/mo. per location). Most units are at C-Stores and auto-related retail outlets (gas/car wash/repair centers) including Philllips 66, Circle K, 7-Eleven, Exxon/Mobil, Tosco, Arco, Texaco/Shell, Hess, BP, Speedway, SuperAmerica, Xtra Mart, Spectrum, 76 Petrolium, Pantry, Chevron, Valero Energy, Murphy USA, Racetrac, Conoco, Cumberland Farms, Pilot Truck Stops... just to name a few.

Locations are listed below.

For more information on how we can help you, please give us a call (toll free) at 1-888-422-8723 or fill out our online contact form.

Alabama   1163   Montana   456
Alaska   60   Nebraska   452
Arizona   1755   Nevada   455
Arkansas   695   New Hampshire   727
California   3971   New Jersey   1558
Colorado   1422   Mew Mexico   492
Connecticut   763   New York   4986
Delware   245   North Carolina   2450
District of Columbia   245   North Dakota   475
Florida   5508   Ohio   1294
Georgia   2208   Oklahoma   994
Hawaii   60   Oregon   460
Idaho   373   Pennsylvania   2689
Illinois   1877   Rhode Island   750
Indiana   803   South Carolina   1850
Iowa   423   South Dakota   510
Kansas   812   Tennessee   2969
Kentucky   2155   Texas   3524
Louisiana   627   Utah   610
Maine   772   Vermont   585
Maryland   654   Virginia   2933
Massachusetts   3424   Washington   989
Michigan   984   West Virginia   610
Minnesota   516   Wisconsin   613
Mississippi   1205   Wyoming   470
Missouri   799   Puerto Rico   141
TOTAL           67788

Air Pump & Vacuum Toppers

We currently have access to advertising on Air Pump and Vacuum Toppers for about 2500 air machines and 1500 vacs in the NY Metro area ( 5 burros, Nassau, Suffolk, and lower NY State).

For more information;
Fill out our online contact form or
Roadmark, Inc.
801 Beacon Pk.
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