Press Release March 3, 2003
From Outdoor Outlook (Outdoor Advertising Association of America Newsletter)

Guest Columnist: George W. Gearner
OAAA Transit Council Chairman

On a Roll

America is on the move now more than ever. Commute times and distances are at an all-time high. Advertising is now traveling with "America on the move." The OAAA Transit Council is composed of companies that provide advertiser coverage via truckside mobile billboards, buses, trains, taxis, autos, and in airports. Agencies and their clients are recognizing the cost effectiveness and saturating coverage these options deliver. Displays that reach people traveling offer broad or extremely targeted outdoor messaging solutions designed to reach consumers, whether moving or being moved. In fact, transit products are visible at all hours, with particular strength durIng rush hour. Take your pick of the product pack - mix and match. Combining transit products can result in tremendous impact by Improving reach, frequency, and overall impact in one cohesive media package.

The Future for Transit is Bright

The increasing population; continuing increase of vehicles on roads; and construction of wider streets and thoroughfares assure future growth in the transit category. Production technology is improving, Installation times are becoming shorter, and verification of coverage Is being refined. Although vigorously competing for advertisers dollars, Transit Council members work together to continue the growth and development of transit media. Transit Council membership is an opportunity to heighten a company's profile. All interested parties can access member company websites through the new OAAA and Transit Council web sites. Transit Council membership is open to any member of the OAAA involved in the transit business. Come join us.