Press Release July 8, 2002
(Scottsdale, AZ)

"Niche Advertising That Works"

Every form of media has its own "purpose and value" (attributes and limitations). Quite frankly, that's why there are so many media options for advertisers to choose from. Someone gets a great idea "how to communicate a message to the consuming public"..... and voila', a new niche of advertising is born.

Every media option "exists" only because "it meets certain criteria to accomplish a specific objective." If such is the case, an advertiser only needs to determine one key conclusion; "result to cost of result ratio" (usually correlating to CPM, impact and potential to stimulate the audience exposed).... so the experts teach us.

Truckside advertising (when the "mode of operation" of the trucks being used guarantees "local geographic message placement" in populated settings during daytime hours) assures clients they will achieve two of the three criteria, (mentioned above). The remaining question is "at what cost?"

Every validated study conducted to-date confirms that truckside advertising is significantly less expensive (CPM) than all other major "traditional" forms of advertising. Why ? Because the "expense recovery need" associated with a vehicle "already in service generating revenue from some other source" defuses the requirement to charge advertisers high rates, plain and simple! Truckside advertising rates are simply a "supplement income" ; thus, only a fraction the cost of other media (by circumstance).

If you could place an 8 foot x 48 foot message "on wheels" and drive it through town six or seven days a week from 6am to 6pm.... do you think it would impact and stimulate people "in the universe of that display" to know about (and buy) your product? If the answer is "no", perhaps it's time you got into another line of business. Fortunately, you can do just that.... with us (TACA)..... for only .46 cents (cost per thousand impressions).

Scott Campbell
Board of Directors-TACA
(Transportation Advertising Council of America)