Roadmark To Assist Trailways With Marketing & Promotions
(Scottsdale, AZ)

In March 2002, Trailways conducted their 66th Annual marketing convention with all 59 Trailways Members (independent stage, tour and charter bus companies) in attendance. The four day convention drew dozens of other independent bus companies from all over the U.S. to join ranks with existing Trailways affiliates making Trailways (as a ground transportation cooperative) America's leading provider of public transportation services.

Roadmark, Trailways fleet graphic representative for bus wrap advertising, met with all Trailways affiliates to anyalize and solidify each operators ability and commitment to third-party advertisers and their theme bus advertising campaigns. It was unanimously agreed and determined that Trailways offers the best targeted circulation for local and regional bus-wrap advertisers because: 1) each independent Trailways bus company serves one segment of Trailways national network of circulation making it possible for clients to target their messages more accurately than by using Greyhound or CoachUSA vehicles which travel broader regions and 2) each Trailways affiliate has tighter quality control over bus-wrap program offerings because they are privately (not corporately) run, managed and overseen. This can make a big difference in the "relationship" a client can expect to achieve from their "theme bus advertising campaign provider."

Roadmark was asked to become more intimately involved with each independent Trailways bus company for marketing and promotion planning (more as an advertising agency or support marketing firm) and to extend that task to interface with potential advertising clients who want "enhancements or partnership programs" with Trailways national network of fixed route, charter and tour bus operators. In this capacity, Roadmark will now seek, coordinate and manage "corporate partnerships" with potential advertising clients AND assist each Trailways affiliate with day-to-day advertising, marketing and promotion projects.

Advertisers are encouraged to confer with Roadmark about Trailways bus-wrap advertising program AND to "think outside the box" about special ways they can best utilize Trailways for inter-active consumer marketing, promotions and communications.