Press Release October 1, 2003
(Webster, MA)

Interior School Bus Advertising

Roadmark, Inc. (Webster, MA), one of America's leading mobile media companies, announces the launch of its new, national Interior School Bus Advertising Program in partnership with A to Z Bus Sales (Compton, CA). The program allows national, regional and local advertisers to place 'tasteful', informative 12" x 26" pressure sensitive advertising signs on the interior of school buses (positioned on the interior roof area over seats much like interior public transit bus signs).

A to Z Bus Sales recruits school districts that purchase school bus vehices from them to join the program as a revenue generating mechanism to off-set school district transportation expenses. Roadmark then manages all sales, operations and clerical ingredients of the program as a turn key service for participating school districts.

Strict guidelines and policies are set by Roadmark and participating school distriict as to what advertisers and what message content may be displayed. All advertising content is reviewed in advance by school district administrators to assure that no objectional message content is displayed to their students. The advertising space revenues generated from advertising clients goes directly to help school districts overcome their shrinking budget funding from State and Federal subsidies.

Roadmark has broken down the overall bus inventory in each market segregating grades K-8 and 9-12 for adverisers who wish to hone their demographic target audience (grammer school and high school ages). Advertising clients simply select the school districts they want to reach, rent 'space' and print signs. The rates for advertising range from $ 40 to $ 25 (per bus, per month), contingent on quantity and long tem buys. Roadmark contracts advertising space by-the-month, quarterly (in 3, 6 or 9 month increments). No advertising is contracted during summer months (June, July, Aug.) while children are on summer vacation.

The program is being launched in California in Oct. 2003 and will be rapidly expanded first in IL, NY, FL, TX, the Mid-Atlantic states and throughout the U.S. by the later part of 2004.

For more information, contact Roadmark, Inc. (602) 684-8078