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Public Transit Markets

Trailways, Greyhound and Harran "theme bus" graphic programs are offered "as outlined" in our Peter Pan section (rates, terms and conditions). Click on PETER PAN for details. Trailways network is more localized by market, Greyhound is more regionalized; both offer national circulation Harran offers Greater Metro NYC & L.I. Bus Wraps.

ATTN Fleet Operators :
Roadmark has the knowledge and expertise to manage client advertising on your vehicles. For more information on how we can sell or promote advertising on your vehicles, fill out our information form or call (602) 684-8078.

ATTN Advertisers - Consider Bus Advertising

Bus advertising is recognized as one of the most effective forms of outdoor advertising. Used by both local and national advertisers, bus advertising can be tailored to fit almost any budget.

Rent any number of signs for any number of months. Advertise for as long or short a period as necessary to your accomplish your goals! Bus advertising keeps your name in public view.

Bus Advertising is easy to initiate. Simply rent space and print signs.

Rely on us to help you plan a successful bus advertising campaign.

Why BUS ADVERTISING?...You Decide!

Transit systems plan their routes to go "where the people are" within heavily populated urban areas. Exterior signs expose every demographic group, all day, every day, for less expense than any other form of major media (Bruskin Russell Research) - about .90 cents CPM. Bus ads stimulate immediate recognition of WHO you are, WHAT you have to offer and WHERE to find you. They make you appear as the predominant source over your competition and build exceptional recall when people need your products or services (Neillson Politz Research).

Hang Your Company Sign...On Main Street!

Driver's side Kings, passenger side Queens, and Rear displays...three alternatives in size or position allow you to target your preferred audience. Tell people WHO you are, WHAT you have to offer and WHERE to find you... All over town!

Or Deliver Your Message with an Illustrated Theme Bus...
...A Mobile Billboard!

Innovations in graphic technology allow you to use the entire surface of a bus for mural graphics and promotional messages. Think creative! You are restricted only by your imagination! We'll recommend an experienced designer and help coordinate your graphic design and production. It's affordable and effective advertising.

Getting Started...With Bus Signs

Determine which size and location (curb, street or rear) you prefer. Determine the number of signs and months required to accomplish your goal.
Consider bold, contrasting colors for your graphics and keep your message simple and easy to read.
We will issue you a contract outlining your buy and help you coordinate print production with a recommended printer.
Transit advertising "space" is billed on the 1st of each month, NET 30 day terms. Printing cost is subject to terms set forth by the printer.

Because we are constantly adding new properties to our portfolio, refer to our list of markets page for details about market locations, sign sizes, number of vehicles and market profile information. Additional information is also available.

Rules of Thumb

Most clients contract a minimum of 10% to 20% of the number of buses in any given market, for a minimum of three months, in order to receive significant exposure. Consider length over strength. Fewer signs for a longer period of time works best! Keep your name and message in public view and build dominance over your competition.

Monthly Advertising Rates (Standard for most markets)
Discounts available for quantity, multi-market or long-term buys

Street Side "King"

1 Month $200 ea. per mo.
*Showing Discounts
3 Months $175 ea. per mo.
5% for #25 showing
6 Months $150 ea. per mo.
10% for #50 showing
12 Months $125 ea. per mo.
15% for #100 showing

Curb Side "Queen"

1 Month $150 ea. per mo.
*Showing Discounts
3 Months $140 ea. per mo.
5% for #25 showing
6 Months $130 ea. per mo.
10% for #50 showing
12 Months $120 ea. per mo.
15% for #100 showing


1 Month $175 ea. per mo.
*Showing Discounts
3 Months $160 ea. per mo.
5% for #25 showing
6 Months $140 ea. per mo.
10% for #50 showing
12 Months $125 ea. per mo.
15% for #100 showing

* Showing Quantities vary market by market. A "showing" is determined by the number of signs required to expose 25%, 50% or 100% of the market population, per month.

Rates for Illustrated Buses


Every client graphic is custom planned and quoted. Generally, print production of vinyl graphics, including application of vinyl graphics to the vehicle, range from $5,000 to $9,000, one time cost.

Advertising Space Rates

6 Months $2400/Month
12 Months $2000/Month
24 Months $1800/Month

Shorter term campaigns will be custom quoted.

Graphics are guaranteed for up to two years. Routing and special service agreements will be documented on client contracts.

Print Production Specifications

Clients are responsible for all print production costs, quoted separately. We will be happy to recommend a qualified printer or you may select your own. Materials must be supplied to our specifications. Please confirm specifications prior to production. Client is responsible to provide posting materials five working days prior to the contract start date.

Demographics - Sources; Bruskin Russell & Neilson Politz

  Reach GRP Frequency
Total Adults 83.9% (1180) 14.1x
Total Male 85.3% (1512) 17.7x
Total Female 82.7% (893) 10.8x

Upper Income 84.4% (1023) 12.0x
Middle Income 83.8% (1213) 14.5x
Lower Income 83.2% (1395) 16.8x