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Fleet Advertising
Imagine the Possibilities...

For years, many corporations have realized the value of promoting their name, products and services on their own distribution fleets.

Over years of research and development, Roadmark has now established America's largest network of trucks (and other specialty vehicles), carefully selected and ideally suited for outdoor advertising campaigns. In fact, we have over 200,000 trailer trucks and straight trucks in our portfolio which operate in "local" populated urban markets during daytime hours with various means of tracking for verifiable accountability.

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What makes our program so effective is that we are contracted with corporately owned food distribution fleets that operate locally, delivering food products to area supermarkets, daily. Each trailer is computer dispatched by trailer number and load destination, allowing clients to select their coverage with surprising accuracy.

Other truck fleets in our portfolio are comprised of local delivery trucks which typically operate in a 25 mile radius of their base terminal, some "dedicated route" vehicles which run repeated daily contract service on local interstates and select long-haul trucks which run major arteries between corporate terminals. What ever circulation you need to achieve, we can likely deliver! Just think of us as "an expanded area transit system" . . . with BIG MESSAGES !


Deliver Your Products And Message...
All In One Load!

* Source : OAAA/Grey Advertising
**New study conducted by the T.A.B. (N.Y.)

Roadmark trailer advertising offers clients many distinct advantages over other media:

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Roadmark Trailer Displays are affordable and effective advertising. To learn more about our program, please call or fill out our online contact form.

"How To" Information

Click Here For Photos of Decal and Frame Applications

Industry Terminology (Lingo)

Road-ready expenses: All of the associated expenses to get your mobile display (vehicle) ready to "hit the road"; graphic design, print production (decal or soft vinyl materials), flex-frame hardware (if applicable), installation (and removal) expenses and GPS associated costs (if required). In other words; all preparation expenses.

"Space" rental: Monthly fees we charge you for your advertising space on our vehicles; sign space or graphic image area (street side, curb side, rear, full-wrap or sectional graphics). Trucks and wrapped buses are offered "exclusive" to one advertiser per vehicle (no other advertiser will share your "space").

Saturation area: The geographic "radius" (or routing definition area) where your advertising will be viewed by consumers from our vehicle dispatch locations/terminals; (cities, towns, states or regions; including specific routes, destinations and preferences you specify matched up to our vehicle "mode of operation"/circulation abilities).

Program enhancements: Any special accommodations we can offer you in association with your advertising buy.

Recommended vendors; Sources we encourage or require you to use "intended" to make your campaign economical, effective and consistent with our fleet requirements and your objectives.

Yes...We have a better billboard! It goes "where you want it to go!"

Accountability - Verifying / Tracking The 'Delivery' of Your Advertising

Our program(s) offer you several means to be confident  that your advertising will be, is being or has been "delivered" . . . to your expectations.

1) Advance knowledge: When you specify the circulation you want, we know in advance if we can deliver (based on our knowledge of where our equipment is dispatched to). We send your outfitted vehicle to the "saturation area" you have requested; coordinated by 'load trips' (loading dock to geographic destinations in the cities and towns you specified).

2) On-Board or GPS Tracking: Fleet operators must keep track of their vehicles (for their own purposes, ICC regulations or for customer delivery validations). Manual or computerized dispatch logs, on-board tracking systems or GPS systems provide a variety of useful mechanisms for you to obtain 'performance validation' about the delivery of your advertising displays.

Some of these validating mechanisms are available to you for free simply because we have the data readily available to us in the course of daily operations. More sophisticated reports (real-time locator maps, route time and travel data, load destination plotting, etc.), can be arranged for (at your expense) if you want (or need) such information as "added assurance" or for "marketing purposes."

Gaining your confidence is important to us. Delivering your message(s) accurately is critical for both your success . . . and ours.

For those who require vehicle circulation Proof of Performance data...
Track Your Advertising Vehicle's Circulation
With A Roadmark VTU
(Vehicle Tracking Unit)
We have portable GPS units we can place on-board!

Appraise Your Own Vehicle's Viewer Impressions Data

As you track your advertising vehicle, plug in its arterial setting data each hour into our Viewer Impressions Formula *(located at the very top of our Home Page). You (or we) can appraise YOUR OWN daily or monthly viewer impressions data for any vehicle using this system... right from your own PC.

Trailer Truck Rates

Truck Advertising Self Promo Photo

SPACE RATES (non-validated program)

1 -5 1200.00 ea. per mo. 800.00ea. per mo.
6-10 1150.00 ea. per mo. 750.00 ea. per mo.
11-25 1100.00 ea. per mo. 700.00 ea. per mo.
26-50 1050.00 ea. per mo. 650.00 ea. per mo.
51 - up 1000.00 ea. per mo. 600.00 ea. per mo.

Print production and graphic application quoted separately, based on graphic design and square footage. Creative assistance is available. We coordinate all functions of your advertising campaign.

For those major brand advertisers who plan large quantity campaigns utilizing multiple fleets in multiple markets (where truck sizes may vary slightly), we highly recommend that you allow us to standardize your display sizes to a 'uniform size' (one size fits all) for economy, consistency and logistical simplicity.

Box Truck Rates

 Box Trucks 14' to 20' framed graphics, 2 sides $800/mo.
 Step Vans (bakery style) 30"x144" p.s.vinyl, 2 sides $400/mo
*Discounts available for long term or quantity buys. Production not included.
With Box Trucks you can "geographically target" select local towns, often by ZIP Codes.

America Sees Us Everywhere...Deliver Your Message By Truck!
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Local Box Trucks Make Great Billboards

Vending Machine Route Distributor Trucks (as local billboards)

Roadmark is pleased to announce that we have over 25,000 cargo vans, step vans and 14' box trucks (independent operators) in every major metropolitan area servicing snack and beverage vending machines (industrial parks, schools, hospitals, entertainment venues, etc.). They operate in populated areas on regularly scheduled routes during daytime hours, 5 days a week. The routes can be identified by Zip Code. Groups of three (3) standard size vehicles will be available in every market for advertisers to "wrap" or install large framed signs on.


New T.A.B. Study Available (1999) Call (212)972-8075
For more information on new traffic audit methodology please visit

Impact ratings of Mobile Media Trucks scored higher than all other outdoor combined - Thibodeaux Research Inc.
Roadmark vehicles can achieve 85% reach and 20x "frequency" each month - Advt. Publications Research Corp.

Typical Roadmark trailers travel 125,000 miles a year gaining 24,000,000+ impressions annually per vehicle - American Trucking Association Study

91% of all people notice truck advertising, 75% affect their buying habits from truck advertising - Beverage World Magazine

Primary Roadmark Fleets; Click on any logo for general information on a specific fleet.

Call us for information about other local vehicle fleets by state or city.

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SuperValu Swift Cardinal Logistics

C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
Yellow Freight

S&J Transportation

Brenham Wholesale Grocery, Co.

Heritage Transportation

CTX Group

The WinWellCompanies

May Trucking

I.F.S. Freight & Courier


Enclosed Vehicle Transport

Roll-Tite Flat Deck Tarping Systems
CPS Express
xpedx International Paper Routes
(LA distribution fleet)
United foods Logo  

Roadmark, Inc. also represents bus advertising for Peter Pan Buses in New England, Greyhound and Trailways nationally.

Truck Inventory - Top 40 US Markets (daily circulation in)

Dedicated Metro Service - Top Ranked US Markets
  Available #25 Showing #50 Showing #100 Showing
New York 2250 34 69 137
Los Angeles 1820 32 63 125
Chicago 1450 44 88 176
Philadelphia 1220 29 57 114
San Francisco 950 30 60 120
Boston 920 25 49 90
Washington, DC 900 36 71 142
Dallas 875 26 51 102
Detroit 850 33 65 130
Atlanta 850 23 45 90
Houston 820 26 51 101
Seattle 800 18 35 70
Cleveland 780 24 47 94
Minneapolis/ St. Paul 750 21 42 83
Tampa/St. Pete. 750 17 34 68
Miami 720 21 42 84
Phoenix 720 19 38 76
Denver 700 17 33 66
Pittsburgh 650 21 42 84
Sacramento 650 11 22 43
St. Louis 650 19 37 74
Orlando/Daytona 640 11 22 43
Baltimore 600 20 39 77
Portland 550 14 27 53
Indianapolis 525 12 24 48
San Diego 525 19 38 76
Cincinnati 500 14 28 56
Milwaukee 480 14 27 53
Hartford 450 9 17 33
Charlotte 450 6 12 24
Salt Lake City 420 11 21 42
Las Vegas 400 12 23 46
Raleigh / Durham 400 10 20 40
Kansas City 375 11 22 43
Nashville 350 29 58 115
Columbus 350 8 16 31
San Antonio 325 10 20 40
Grand Rapids 325 6 12 24
Memphis 300 10 21 42
Louisville 275 7 15 29
Updated as of 2007 - (Source- Epic Media research 2000)

Hundreds of city truck fleets are available through our fleet community resources (inquire).